Thank you …
By Ex Chief Bill Renzetti
February 2, 2020

Two simple words that we can’t say enough to all of you !

Over the past two days the Center Moriches Fire Department hosted a Community Fundraising event to raise money for the family of Thomas Valva.

This tragedy has touched so many us and brought out the best of our community and beyond. The outpouring of love and support for this family has been truly remarkable.

They say giving is not just about making a donation, its about making a difference.

We are honored to say YOU have made a big difference for this family.

As of tonight, we are approaching $20,000 in donations with more arriving each day by mail. We could never have imagined when we were asked to host this fundraiser that it would have been as successful as it was.

We would like to thank Maria Renzetti and Keith Caputo for setting up the Community Fundraiser. Jenna for coming to the firehouse and raising over $1,100 in bracelet sales. Home Depot and East Moriches Hardware for your donation of cases of blue light bulbs to give out during the fundraiser. The Center Moriches Fire District Dispatchers who took all your phone calls and your donations in person when the fundraiser wasn’t open, and all our Facebook friends and community groups who helped share our event across social media.

Most of all we want to thank all of YOU for your gracious donations ….