Night training for CMFD Water Rescue Team ..
By Ex Chief Bill Renzetti
November 29, 2020

While most people have taken their boats out of the water for the season, Firefighters and EMTs from the Center Moriches Fire Departments Water Rescue team took to the cold, dark waters of Moriches Bay Sunday night to sharpen their search and rescue skills.

The team was broken up into two groups. One group was sent to the boat where they received a set of coordinates by radio. Firefighters had to navigate to a specific area and search for a “person” who fell out of a boat. The crew on the boat worked together utilizing thermal imaging camera equipment, navigation equipment, and other marine electronics to help navigate the dark bay waters.

The second group was taken to the Union Ave Dock where they practiced their throw bag skills. The group also reviewed their cold water and hypothermia protocols and cold water equipment. Once each group completed their tasks, the groups were rotated giving everyone a chance at all of the evolutions.

These trainings help to build teamwork as well as test the firefighter's skills during all types of conditions day or night.

For the members of the Center Moriches Fire Department water rescue team the boating season never end. As the cold weather approaches, duck hunters and other winter fisherman are always out on the bay. Our training is in a transition from warm water rescue training to cold water rescue training.

Members of the Center Moriches Fire Department Water Rescue Team are highly trained personnel who are ready to respond to any type of emergency on the water at a moment’s notice.


Tyler Mansfield January 14, 2021 at 1:54 PM
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