Marine Incident Response Team Responds to Overturned Boat in Moriches Bay …
By Ex Chief Bill Renzetti
September 6, 2021

At 7:08pm on Sunday the Center Moriches Fire Department and the Marine Incident Response Team was activated for an overturned boat with 5 people in the water in the Moriches Bay at the entrance to Orchard Neck Creek.

Center Moriches FD Water Rescue team was on scene within 5 minutes of being dispatched. When they arrived, they found 4 people on a jetty clinging to wooden pilings, a fifth person was in the water holding onto the side of the jetty.

Two rescue swimmers were deployed down the jetty and assisted the five people onto the Center Moriches Fire Department boat. The men were then transported to the Union Avenue dock where they were evaluated by Center Moriches FD EMS.

The Marine Incident Response Team is a multi-agency team comprised of a special group of firefighters trained to respond to water-based emergencies. The team includes members from Center Moriches FD, East Moriches FD, Eastport FD, Mastic FD and Mastic Beach FD.

Thanks to the support of these fire departments and their dedicated volunteers the Marine Incident Response Team has already proven itself to be a lifesaving asset to our local marine community.


Marty Robinson September 14, 2021 at 4:02 PM
I saw the rescue of the 5 men in overturned boat. The response time of the
Marine Incident Response Team was unbelievably fast. The whole rescue was
amazing. It's great to know that we have such trained people serving our Community. Thank You