Did you know Volunteer Firefighters and EMT’s can get tuition reimbursement for college …
By Company One Captain Bill Renzetti
April 12, 2022

As part of RecruitNY, a statewide program to strengthen the volunteer fire and EMS service Center Moriches Firefighters and EMT’s met with students this morning at Center Moriches HS for college day.

As an incentive for students to serve at local volunteer fire departments and EMS agencies, the Suffolk County Department of Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services (“FRES”), has developed the Suffolk Educational Program for Retention in the Volunteer Emergency Services (“SERVES”).

This program will provide tuition reimbursement to student volunteers for their volunteer service in the County, for up to one hundred twenty (120) lifetime credit hours.

SERVES program credit hours must be obtained from a New York State Education Department accredited college or university within Nassau or Suffolk County.

Visit us Sunday April 24 from 9am to 2pm and learn how to take advantage of this program.